Snowmobile sleigh tour

Snowmobile sleigh ride, archipelago sightseeing and fishing tour

Experience the snowy woods and the frozen Gulf of Finland from a snowmobile sleigh. Experienced guides will lead you to the amazing winter wonderland. The snowmobile sleigh tour covers a beautiful route around the coastline of the frozen sea. During the tour you make a lot of stops and the guide tells you about the life in the archipelago. You can try fishing with nets under the ice as well as traditional ice fishing during the tour. You will also have a chance to try snowshoe walking on one of the hundred islands. Kick sleds are also used during the tour. At one of the many islands you will have a break when you can relax and enjoy lunch and hot drinks by the campfire.

Tour duration: 2 hours
Price: 85 €/person + 10% VAT  (Price based on 10 person group size)
Number of persons: 4-10


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