RIB Safari

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure! Enjoy the nature on a private cruise by RIB (rigid inflatable boat) around Helsinki’s archipelago! Step onto a cutting-edge RIB with an experienced captain at the controls, and cruise by top Helsinki sights. 

Hear the story of the landmarks from your guide, and thrill as the throttle opens and your craft bounces over the waves. Watch for seals in the Baltic waters, and visit an island on route for complimentary drinks and snacks.

The program always includes equipment for all the participants and when it comes to safety we never compromise. We always have a crew of two persons on our RIB tours. These boat trips are often combined with delicious meals and sauna. One boat can take 12 customers. Welcome to an unforgettable adventure!

Examples of boat tours:

Explore Helsinki by Sea – Tour Duration: 2 Hours

Experience the wonders of Helsinki from a unique perspective with our thrilling 2-hour sea tour.

Your adventure begins as you meet our experienced captain and guide at Vironallas, conveniently located near the Market Square, or at a harbor of your preference. Upon arrival, you’ll be outfitted with appropriate clothing or flotation suits tailored to weather conditions, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the journey.

After a comprehensive safety briefing, we’ll set sail from the harbor, slowly navigating past Helsinki’s captivating landmarks. Admire the Presidential Palace, the bustling open-air market, and the serene Kaivopuisto park, all while soaking in the rich history and tales shared by our knowledgeable guide. Don’t miss the chance to glimpse Suomenlinna, the historic island fortress that has stood the test of time.

As we venture further into the open sea, prepare for an exhilarating experience as we unleash the full power of our 630-horsepower engine. Feel the rush as our sleek boat effortlessly glides through the waves, reaching speeds of up to 50 knots (57mph/100 km/h), all while ensuring a smooth and secure ride for our passengers.

A highlight of the journey awaits as we make a stop at an enchanting island in the western archipelago. Here, indulge in delectable salmon sandwiches and snacks, accompanied by refreshing drinks, amidst the serene beauty of nature.

With memories made and appetites satisfied, we’ll set course back to Helsinki, concluding our unforgettable sea voyage.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover Helsinki’s hidden gems and experience the thrill of the open sea. Book your tour today and embark on a journey you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Helsinki RIB tour and disc golf competition. Tour duration: 2,5 h

This product is made for groups with 13-24 participants with a limited budget. The captain, frisbee golf instructor and the RIB guide will meet you at Kulosaari Yacht harbor, 10 minutes east by metro from the Railway station.

The group is divided in two, half of the group plays a frisbee golf competition in the nearby park and the other half goes out on a RIB tour. After one hour we switch groups. This is a perfect summer event for groups from 13-24 persons. After the frisbee tournament we will have a price giving ceremony at the yacht club. The yacht club is also a perfect venue for dinner afterwards.

The idyllic archipelago and smugglers island. Tour duration: 3-4 h

The captain and the guide will meet you at Vironallas, near the Market Square, or another harbour more convenient for you. You will be provided with proper clothing/flotation suit depending on weather conditions. You will depart from the harbor after the safety briefing. Out on the sea we will slowly pass the heart of Helsinki where we enjoy a sight-seeing tour. The guide will tell you stories of what you can see.

Finally after leaving the inner archipelago behind us we will hit full throttle and enjoy the power when 630 Horsepower are let free. You will feel how safe and smooth the boat is cutting the waves in speeds up to 50 knots. You will visit an Island called Pirttisaari located in Porvoo archipelago where you enjoy a  superb lunch and hear stories about the life in the archipelago. You will hear stories about the smugglers that lived around Pirttisaari in the 1920s.

The lunch venue (and old school building) is privately booked for your group. After the lunch we head back to Helsinki thru the Sipoo inner archipelago.

RIB boating, sauna and  dinner. Tour duration: 4-5 h

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure! You can experience the beautiful Finnish archipelago and satisfy your hunger for speed at the same time! Combine speed, sightseeing, sauna and a delicious dinner on this half-day private tour. Don’t miss this special deal!

The captain and the guide will meet you at the Yacht Club in Kulosaari or any other jetty in the Helsinki city center. You will depart from the harbour after the safety briefing and finally after leaving the inner archipelago behind us we will hit full throttle and enjoy the power when 630 Horsepower are let free. You will feel how safe and smooth the boat is cutting the waves in speeds up to 50 knots.

You will visit a beautiful island in the outer archipelago where you enjoy snacks and drinks. After the island break it is it is time to turn the bow towards our Safari house in Sipoo where the wood heated seaside President Sauna is waiting for you. You can also go for a dip in the water during the sauna. After the sauna you will enjoy a fantastic dinner in our safari house with a breath taking sea view.

Prangli island in Estonia, diverse nature and friendly locals!

A one hour RIB tour from Helsinki gets you to a place where time seems to have stopped. The Prangli Island is out of this world. Peaceful, quiet and small enough to do in a day.

Touring around in a soviet-type truck might not be the most comfortable, but it’s surely the most fun way to discover all the important sites that this small island has to offer. The sightseeing tour takes about 2 hours and covers the small museum, church, nature reserve and a natural gas grill etc. After the island tour you will probably be hungry, so we will have a lunch or dinner in one of the two restaurants offering island specialities. Sauna also possible at the island.

After the lunch/dinner it is time to head back over the Gulf of Finland to Helsinki. We recommend that you reserve minimum 6 hours for this trip.


RIB Safari questions and answers

Where can we go?
We can make trips where it suits you best. We can pick up and drop you almost anywhere if there’s a pier with a depth of over 1 meter.

The easiest way for you is to start the RIB safari from our home port in Brändö Seglare yacht club in Helsinki. At the yacht club we have all the equipment and modern changing rooms.

Some popular destinations include: Pirttisaari, Norkullalandet, Komsalö, Kaunissaari, Suomenlinna, Porvoo, Uunisaari and Rönnskär. There are thousands of islands in the archipelago that we can visit. If you have limited time and you do not want to disembark that’s also fine.

When to go?
We can go on a RIB safari in all weather conditions. The season begins in April and ends in November as long as there is no ice.

How fast is it?
We get up to speeds around 50+ knots or about 100 km/ h. But of course you do not have to go so fast to get a wonderful and thrilling experience in the archipelago.

Is it physically demanding? Some other limitations?
It is not physically demanding, but if there are waves, it’s good to parry the boat’s movements by flexiing with with your legs. People who have severe back problems or are pregnant are advised not to travel at high speeds, but a slow and pleasant tour can of course be arranged.

How many passengers does the RIB boat take?
Our boat takes 12 passengers. We can charter more boats from our partners. We have the capacity for groups of up to 50 people.

Do you need to bring extra clothing?
No, you do not. You arrive just as dry as you were when you stepped on board. We have different kinds of outdoor clothing for different seasons, floating overalls, hat, gloves and goggles for all passengers. Comfortable shoes is more convenient for you. If it rains, we also have rubber boots for all passengers.

Can I bring luggage?
Yes you can. Our RIB boat has a large cargo copartment which fits a lot of bags.

Can you arrange the food?
Of course we can. A lovely picnic, with beer, wine and fish sandwiches on an island or a stop at a nice archipelago restaurant is possible.

What does it cost?
It depends on the type of arrangement you choose. Please contact us for a quote!

RIB boat facts:
-Length: 36 feet/ approximately 11 meters
-Width 3,60 meters
-Depth about 1 meter
-Top speed: 55 knots = 100 km/h
-Engines: 2 * 315hk=630hp, Yanmar turbodiesel with Mercruiser Xr drive.

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