Sailing is an ideal activity for team building. In order to sail successfully, everyone must work together. As such, sailing is one of the best ways to connect people.

Successful companies recognise the importance of employees productivity and positive organisational climate in order to achieve business goals.

Sailing offers a dynamic and challenging natural environment in which cooperation and team spirit of the crew are important for success.

We organize corporate sailing events, regattas and private sailing tours for tourists a during the summer season in Helsinki. Helsinki´s sheltered archipelago offers great opportunities for unique sailing experiences.

Our fleet consists of J70-sailboats and larger yachts: X43, Swan 51 and Swan 57.

Corporate Sailing Regatta 

Sailing with J70 sailboats is a great way to learn the basics, have playful competitions, enjoy the sea and its sights and most importantly; have fun! We tailor all of our events so that they meet the customers needs and wishes. The activities are suited for beginners.

The sailing event starts with a short introduction to sailing and racing at the club house. After the introduction the group is divided in to teams of 3-4 persons. The instructor will teach the team how to sail the boat during a sightseeing sailing tour around Suomenlinna or similar islands. After the training is complete we will have a regatta infront of the yacht club.

At our base in Kulosaari there is a restaurant where you can eat delicious meals after a day of sailing. You can also arrange a meeting for your customers in the club restaurant before the activity. One boat can take 4 customers + instructor.

Typical itinerary:

14.00: Guests introduced to sailing and racing by our sailing instructors

14.15: A short safety brief and yacht familiarisation. Sail training and “sightseeing tour” around one of the islands.

15.30: Fun race begins. The guests will helm over the start line and its up to your crew to put their new skills to the test. Depending on the wind we aim to do 2-4 short races outside the yacht club.

17.40: Price giving ceremony at the yacht club.

18.00: Dinner at the yacht club.

Corporate Sailing tours

With over 20 years of experience in the business we are expert suppliers of corporate sailing days. Our bigger yachts have all the comforts and during the trip you can either just enjoy the ride or study sailing under the skippers command.

The sailing legend Kenneth Thelen will entertain you with fascinating stories during your sailing tour. We make our sailing tours great fun whether for seasoned sailors or complete novices.

Lunch is an important part of sailing tours and in the archipelago there are numerous restaurants where we can stop for lunch. We can also eat onboard the yacht, you decide.

Whole day sailing tour example schedule:

09:00 Gathering at Brändö Seglare yacht club, distribution of equipment and a short briefing.

10:00-12:00 Sailing in Helsinki archipelago east or west depending on winds.

12:00 Lunch at one of the restaurants or on board at a sheltered anchorage or mooring.

13:00 Possible meeting onboard.

14:00-16:00 Sailing back to Brändö Seglare yacht club. After sail drinks and possible dinner at the yacht club restaurant.

Day or evening sailing tour example schedule:

13:00 Gathering at Brändö Seglare yacht club, distribution of equipment and a short briefing.

14:00-17:00 Sailing in Helsinki archipelago east or west depending on winds.

17:00 Back at Brändö Seglare yacht club. After sail drinks and dinner at the club restaurant.

One boat can take up to 8 customers (X43). Swan boats take up to 12 customers.

purjedus yrityksille
yrityspurjehdus helsingissä

Match racing and rib tour for 24 persons

This 4 hour sailing event is held as a match racing competition with two 40-foot Americas cup training boats, SM40. The boats can be sailed with a crew of 4-6 persons. The group is divided in two. One group go out sailing and the other part of the group goes on a thrilling RIB boat tour. In between we switch groups that everyone has a chance to experience both sailing and a fun RIB tour.

13:00 The event starts with an introduction to sailing at Liuskasaari/HSS

-A short training session and 3-4 races outside the sailing club. 

15:00 Switching of groups.

17:00 Price giving ceremony at the yacht club.

Purjehduskoulutus helsinki Sailing tours helsinki