Church boat race

For a breath of fresh air and a taste of traditional Finland, hop into a wooden rowboat 12 metres long!

Church boat, “kirkkovene”, is a traditional Finnish rowing boat, which carried our ancestors almost every Sunday sometimes tremendously long distances to the holy mass. After the holy mass they almost immediately set themselves up for the trip homewards. If there was time waiting for the others they gathered strength by eating and resting for the race with the other boats sharing the same trip or part of it back home. The winner party of the race collected plenty of admiration and respect from other competitors.

Today, we celebrate this tradition with eco-friendly exercise, sightseeing, and friendly competitions. Led by our expert guides, you’ll master the art of rowing as you navigate the calm waters of the archipelago. Our rowing adventure spans approximately 2 hours, with a refreshing break at one of the islands dotting the landscape. For those seeking a bit of friendly competition, we offer exhilarating races between boats.

Each rowing boat accommodates 14 oarsmen, each wielding a single oar, along with a skilled coxswain to steer the vessel. Join us for an unforgettable journey steeped in history and tradition!

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