Kicksled tour

Welcome to the total silence of winter! Yes, you can really walk on the sea in Finland, at least during winter when the whole Gulf of Finland is frozen. The winter landscape in the archipelago has an amazing calming effect and helps you forget the stress of everyday life. Our greatest pleasure is to introduce you to the unique Finnish nature. We organize kick sled tours from our winter base in Sipoo, only 25 minutes from Helsinki city centre.

The kicksled is a small sled consisting of a chair mounted on a pair of flexible metal runners which extend backward to about twice the chair’s length. The sled is propelled by kicking the ground by foot. There is a handlebar attached to the top of the chair back. Kicksled is a direct translation of the Finnish word potkukelkka.

The kicksled is very easy to master. The pace for our kicksled tour is very relaxed and a lot of small breaks will be held during the tour. At an island we will have a longer break where we enjoy hot drinks and snacks by the campfire. During the break you will also have a chance to try ice-fishing. We will also try fishing with nets under the ice. The route can be tailored to fit the group.

Total duration of activity: 3 hours including pickup.

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