Teambuilding activities

Are you looking to motivate, energise, improve performance, improve morale, build bonds and have fun? These are just some of the objectives that our team building events have been used for.

Our creative activities are always motivational and fun and will be tailored to meet your exact needs. Often the goal is just to have fun! The activities consist of problem solving exercises, games and teamwork exercises. Here are some examples of what kind of activities you can choose from: egg parachute, fire master, difficult puzzles, blowgun shooting, axe throwing, knife throwing, perfect square, archery, tandem skiing, slingshot, crossbow shooting, frisbee golf etc.

Usually the whole group is divided in to smaller teams and given different kind of assignments and tasks. All of these activities can be arranged year round.

 Axe throwing Ryhmätehtäviä Tarkkuusammunta Helsinki Tarkkuusammunta Teambuilding Helsinki Teambuilding Norrkulla Teambuilding tandem Teambuilding

Good teambuilding activities are also sailing, curling and ice carving.